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Frederick "Beau" Mix

Missing Since July 22, 2016
Cerified Dive Master - Traveler- Avid Fisherman


Missing Beau Mix 

Last Seen July 22, 2016 Puerto Morelos, Mexico, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Beau is a Certified Dive Master/Rescue Diver and avid fisherman. He enjoyed traveling and activities including seeing new places, exploring the reefs and spearfishing. Last known contact was with his Mom on July 22nd when he was waiting for Fed Ex package that contained his bank card and new call phone. He told his Mom that he was heading out to go fishing and diving. He has never been seen from or heard from since, he has never returned to his apartment, and never picked up the Fed Ex Package containing his cell phone and his bank ATM card. He has had no activity at all. He had very limited funds and no further bank activity.  Beau always maintained contact with his Mom and never went more than a couple weeks without contact, and had an open line of communication with her.  Last known location was Puerto Morelos.Beau is 6ft tall, about 165 pounds, with a thin muscular build. He has brown wavy hair and a beard, varying in length depending on his activities,often shaving close or clean when diving. Beau has stunning hazel blue/green eyes and a smile that lights up a room. Please help us find him, share his flyers, ask questions and relay any information back to us. All details matter no matter how small.

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